This Is How I Look

Me on the left, with the guys in my year at college.

I be in the middle, with Moign and Ryan at New Year! 

At Gay Pride in Nottingham!

Night Out in Nottingham.

We met an athlete a while ago. Don’t remember his name.

With Kat from Big Brother!

Sexy orange shirt ;) For a Jazz number in the last show.

Flatmates perving on me while I sleep innocently.

What I wore in my first term in The Nutcracker.

I am such a pimp!

Kas and me just… “Monkeying around” ;)

We so ROWDY!!

Lifeguard and Tennis Player.

Tennis Players.

Mathilde and I on Halloween. A Black Swan and Zombie Sailor.

Me in a Ballet lesson. Ryan was injured so took pictures.

Double work.

Pas De Deux!

Me and Kazeeem waiting for our Assessment results.

Me and Aimee in my flat. (2nd Year)

Rowdie Face

100% LAD